Sachin Tendulkar is still miles better than everyone – especially you

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Sachin TendulkarIan Bell is one of England’s better one-day batsmen. He’s quite experienced now having played 53 one-day internationals. During this time he’s hit 1,854 runs. That’s a lot of runs. You’ll never hit that many.

However, Ian Bell is a shrimp, a gnat, or even an atom when compared to Sachin Tendulkar. 1,854 runs is a lot, but Sachin Tendulkar’s hit 1,828 boundaries in one-day internationals. That’s just ludicrous.

During the Test series, Tendulkar looked a faded, jaded batsman. Still international standard, but a more thoughtful, cautious run-scorer. During this one-day series, he’s looked unstoppable. How opening the batting can be so trouble-free, we don’t know, but it is if you’re Sachin Tendulkar.

We wish we were Sachin Tendulkar. Sure, people would look at us and speak to us – two of our least favourite experiences – but it’d be worth it just to spank a couple of balls to the boundary and saunter around as a living god for a little while.


  1. Come on KC, where’s the real hard hitting news (literally!)..

    Shoaib Akhtar is removed from the Pakistan team for beating Mohammed Asif with a cricket bat…
    There’s got to be a story laced with wit & sarcasm there!

  2. to be fair to the little master i have regained a lot of respect for him during this series. i had begun to feel he was past it and rubbish with no shots but in these one-dayers he once again looks quality. loving the big 3lb+ bat clubbing jimmy, dimi and stuey b

  3. Mehra. God has given you two perfectly good hands. You know what to do with’em. Now run along.

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