A one-day series that was actually good comes to an end

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England v IndiaEngland and India drew their seven match one-day series after the final match at Lord’s ended in a tie. India batted first, Sachin Tendulkar scoring every single one of their 92 runs. In reply, England fell to 0-9 until Jimmy Anderson spirited up an unbelievable rearguard action scoring 92 by himself while Monty Panesar remained strokeless and scoreless at the other end. The match was also notable for a world record 20 run outs.

Okay, we admit it, we’re not around and we’ve written this in advance. Whatever the outcome of the final match, we’re sure you’ll agree that this has actually been a really good one-day series. We’ve rediscovered a lot of our appreciation for the one-day game. We thought that appreciation had moulded.

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  1. Pity you’re not around, as you’ve missed a brilliant 107 n.o. from Rob Key off a mere 91 balls.

  2. Don’t worry, everyone. I’m going to a cricket match tomorrow, so they’ll be a proper report, showing evidence of some actual effort and attentiveness soon.

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