Kevin Pietersen with some bird on his arm


Ho ho ho. It’s an actual bird. We weren’t really referring to a woman as a bird because that would be demeaning. We were just alluding to that usage – which is of course perfectly acceptable.

Worst post ever. Good job there’s absolutely no chance of our ever making this exact same joke a second time.

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5 Appeals

  1. I think KP might in fact be messing with my bird:

    When I say “my” bird, I really only had her for an hour or so, and shared her with a dozen of my workmates. It’s sloppy fourteenths at best.

  2. Dammit — image didn’t come out. Hopefully this link will:


  3. If it’s any comfort Mahinda, she looked happier with you.

  4. Cricket news AND moral support!

    This site gives me a nice warm glow inside.

    Actually, it might just be wind.

  5. Maybe it’s something you ate?
    Wind, generally, does not affect the internal organs. Unless you’re in an operation and somebody opened the window.

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