Stuart MacGill with some bird on his arm

Stuart MacGill and a bird

Ho ho ho. It’s an actual… Ah, you get the drift.

Let’s discuss whose bird’s the nicer: Kevin’s or Stuart’s.

Stop, stop. Wait a minute.

Why don't you...

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5 Appeals

  1. Christ this chick gets around. I guess she does look kind of flighty.

  2. “Good job there’s absolutely no chance of our ever making this exact same joke a second time”

    Should have seen this coming, then.

  3. I think Mahinda’s bird was so much nicer than either of those. So Mahinda wins, which now means he’s the best test playing australian leg spinner & no 4 batsman in the world.

    Well done Mahinda!!

  4. I like a bird with a good wing span.

  5. I’m appalled yet not shocked…..hmmmmm……

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