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Stuart MacGill - clearly, visibly unhingedStuart MacGill was fun. You never quite knew what to expect from him.

He wasn’t erratic in a Shane Warne kind of way. There was a certain consistency in Warne’s back page headlines. MacGill was creatively diverse with his odd behaviour.

He would shout at team mates like a nutter. He once read 24 novels on a tour of Pakistan. He refused to follow the orders of medical staff and often missed doctor’s appointments – even when injuries were threatening his career. He also turned the ball at right-angles and is among the top 50 Test wicket-takers of all time.

One of our favourite MacGill moments was just before the first post-Warne Test, late last year. The selectors were debating the side and he finally had the chance to be Australia’s first-choice spinner. Bizarrely, he chose this moment to tell the Sydney Morning Herald: ‘There is no doubt I am overweight’.

As a way of demanding a Test spot, it left a little to be desired.

Stuart MacGill looking like a psycho


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. And his wife was in Neighbours, which makes him even better! And Neighbours from its prime with Scott, Charlene, Mike, Henry!! Fair play to Stuart Macgill doing what so many boys of a certain age wanted to do…

  2. I’m pretty self deprecating at times, but he does seem to take the prize. What did i read on cricinfo? Something along the lines of “I thrived by being able to bowl at the other end to some great men line Glenn and Shane, and I think the younger guys need that opportunity too, so i’m gonna quit.” painful stuff.

  3. I always liked how the way that he carried the ball up by his head as he bounced in to bowl, combined with his little towel, made him look like an extremely solicitous waiter about to deliver a cherry bombe to a customer who’s been waiting far too long.

    More desserts ought to be served like that.

  4. He likes wine. Unlike all other Aussies who, like, whine.

    Especially when people start reverse swinging it. (Or is that a bit 2005?)

  5. That, D Charlton, is a contender for the Comment of the Week competition that we don’t run.

  6. Is D Charlton an English cricket fan making fun of someone for whining about reversing the ball? That is quite funny.

  7. There is reverse swing expertise – see S Jones, A Flintoff, Ashes 2005 – and there is blatant ball-tampering – see Waqar, Wasim 1992.

    In no way is there any double-standard. None. Never. Not one. One ball-tampered and the other used great expertise. Simple. Shut up. I don’t care. That’s it. I hate everyone. I’m leaving.

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