‘We played like pretty boys there at one stage’ – Trevor Bayliss

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It’s been very humid in the North-West these last few days. That probably didn’t have any impact on the outcome of the T20 International between England and Pakistan but we haven’t got much to say about the cricket so thought we’d flesh out this piece by talking about the weather in true British tradition.

England found it harder and harder to hit boundaries as their innings wore on. Pakistan didn’t – and they didn’t shed wickets either.

Pakistan bowled really well. Eoin Morgan said something about the dew. Is dew related to humidity? Again, nothing to do with the cricket, we’re just wondering.

England’s international summer has come to an end with Trevor Bayliss accusing his batsmen of playing ‘like pretty boys’ which seems as good a way as any to draw things to a close.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. From the “nothing to do with cricket” department – here is my response to Edwardian’s book advert for his book, Station 43: Audley End House And Soe’s Polish Section, buried deep on the previous thread. Thanks for the book advert, Edwardian.

    As coincidence has it, Daisy and I have good friends in Saffron Walden, whom we are seeing in 10 days time. No doubt the will be interested in and possibly even enjoy your book. So I have one-clicked a copy which I shall give them as a gift.

    They visited Lord’s with us en famille a few years ago, which I wrote up on MTWD, that match report now resuscitated here:


    Absolutely written in the MTWD-stylee, so those who fear match reports that actually mention cricket should not click the link. But there are a couple of good gags buried in that piece.

  2. I finally get my wife to watch some cricket with me, after 10 years of being together, and we get this.
    Where was she for the record breaking ODI?

    Maybe it’s a good thing. The only way is up.

  3. Can you hear me Sam?
    William Shakespeare, George Eliot, Rupert Brooke, Philip Larkin, Brian Lara, Dougie Brown, Keith Piper, Allan Donald, The Grand Union Canal, no professional soccerball teams, Tony Frost, The Battle of Edgehill, CAN YOU HEAR ME? YOUR BOYS TOOK ONE HELL OF A BEATING TODAY!!!!

      1. Toothless Bears. To your credit you did call the peak at 31-0 vs 95ao on Tues. Ever thought of an alternative career in commodity trading?

  4. Was fascinating watching Pakistan’s slower balls completely bambozzling the English batsmen but when England bowled them, they were dispatched for 6 into the building site that is the new Lodge.

    The razzamatazz b/s seems to be getting worse with more pyrotechnics than usual. Soon, we’ll have boundary fielders (who are close to the machines) and batsmen (who have to walk past them) clad in fire-proof suits like formula 1 drivers just to minimise H & S risks, of course.

    Sounded like the Vuvuzeelas from the 2010 South African football World Cup had been purchased in a job lot and given to the crowd.

    All of this doesn’t create atmosphere but merely noise.

    Thankfully, I wasn’t offered a ticket but could enjoy it on TV where it appeared that Mark Nicholas is close to the point where he uses the longest link known to TV cricket announcers meaning he finally runs out of breath before the end of it.

    Superb ball striking by the Pakistani batsmen.

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