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The headline promises something of a barrel-dwelling fish shooting exercise, but hopefully it’s more than that. It’s not so much ‘T20 commentators talk utter rot‘ as ‘some T20 commentators are occasionally slow to pick up on tactical trends and they therefore assess match situations according to outdated notions of how things are likely to pan out’. You can see why Cricket365 went with the former.

Weirdly, Mike Haysman favourited a tweet linking to the article. The tweet expressed a desire for commentators to provide insight rather than just saying ‘wow’ every two minutes, so maybe he was showing approval for that sentiment rather than the article itself. Or maybe he did like the article and somehow got past the headline. Or maybe he just hates himself and the headline struck a chord. Who knows?

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12 Appeals

  1. Having listened to Ravi Shastri and Danny Morrison, I think the title they went with is pretty accurate.

  2. Who’s Mike Haysman?

  3. Half the SA commentators sound like Aussies. I can’t tell who is what anymore.

  4. Jack Brooks reckons second division journeymen can expect to be bowled out for 94 more often while in the lofty heights we enjoy.

    “It is going to be a tough year for them,” Brooks said. “They have a good work ethic and play well as a unit but they are going to have to graft and this will be a bit of a wake-up call to some of them who have not played in the higher division. One session can cost you a game and we are the kind of team that are not going to let a team off the hook.”

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