We wrote about what some other people wrote on Twitter

It’s a harder task than you might imagine. The spoils of our long hours of trawling are over at Cricinfo.

Nando’s Watch is back by popular request and there’s also a bit about Danny Morrison.

We love Danny Morrison and his unrelated-bullet-points style of communication. It’s good to see he’s much the same on Twitter.

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12 Appeals

  1. I wonder if 10 years ago we might have described this as ‘trolling’ rather than ‘trawling’, but can’t now because that means something completely different.

    I read a sci fi book featuring a seafaring species that gathered small fish by trolling recently. It mentioned ‘their trolling’ far too much to be taken seriously in any way

  2. Re: Morrison commentary, this video is one of the best highlights videos ever made


    ‘and the the CAPTAIN, Ramdin out in the middle, and, HE and Shiv Chanderpaul, partnership of SEVENTY TWO!’

  3. Disappointed to see no pseudo-philosophical nonsense from e.g. Mushtaq this week, meaning no commenters rushing in to defend him. Sniff. Still, the return of Nando’s Watch is welcomed.

  4. Parthiv Patel’s current Twitter-topper is a gem for next time.

  5. My Stop the World moment of the week comes courtesy of ‘finnysteve’ using the vowel-sound indefinite article for @NandosUK. Is he actually hearing it as atnandohsyookay in his head?

  6. I didn’t know twitter had a ‘snaggle-toothed grimace’ smiley on offer for its users, but I’m glad Danny is able to express himself so fully on the page.

  7. For some reason, none of the actual tweets are coming up for me (presumably some security setting or something).

    Makes for an interesting article.

  8. McCullum’s going out the way you’d expect, at least.

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