A cat struggling to be indifferent to cricket

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Marissa writes:

I can offer no explanation as to why Moggy is even trying to pretend she’s not watching the match, seeing as she’s a staunch England fan (named after Eoin Morgs).

During the match she frequently yelled at Bairstow “I can’t believe he’s not Buttler!”

And yes, she uses her amazing powers of speech to make bad puns while watching cricket.

If you’ve got a picture of an animal being conspicously indifferent to cricket, send it to king@kingcricket.co.uk.


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  1. Static electricity is her enemy.

    Congratulations, by the way, on calling her Moggy after Eoin Morgan, and not making the schoolboy /schoolgirl error of thinking a moggy is a cat. If I had a pound for every erroneous use of the word moggy when meaning a cat, I’d have millions and millions of pounds. Not sure how I’d know when it happened, of course, and not sure either how I’d collect the money. People would have to send it to me, so there’s an element of trust involved. Factoring in those who refused to send it (or forgot, as they would no doubt claim) I’d probably have less than a pound.

    As for the speech thing, that’s a bit far-fetched. Are you seriously expecting us to believe that your cat prefers Buttler over Bairstow in tests?

    1. We asked her preference and she seemed to say Eoin, though it could have been meow.
      Also she seemed to say Bairstow though it came out more as Meowstow.

  2. Delighted to see the return of feline indifference – I was starting to think that the KC web site wasgoing all normal on us; that would be a travesty.

    Wonderful cat piece, Marissa, well done. Don’t let Bert upset you; I recognise the difference between a wise cat’s bad puns and a silly cat’s bad team selections and I’m sure most KC readers tdo too.

    Gosh it goes quiet around the KC comments section while we’re away. Still, unless Daisy and I decide to join the Sandinistas and hang around in Nicaragua a bit longer, we’ll be back proper next week. Neither cricket nor real tennis around here, so odds on we’ll be back as planned.

    1. Ged, there is a national cricket team in Nicaragua, although they haven’t played since 2008. One good point in their favour: they are not a member of the ICC. Looks like baseball has taken over, despite cricket being introduced in the early 1800s.

  3. Incidentally, the fact that cricketers – of whom there are thousands – struggle so much to get out of the nervous nineties, shows just how much rubbish this whole “modern medicine will let us all live to a hundred” idea is.

    1. Perhaps “venerable nineties” is a better word choice. Not sure they’re nervous, although they do sound terrifying…

    1. Hell’s teeth, Miriam – you’re back. As in returned, not like you’ve got ankylosing spondylitis or anything. Although you might have, and besides, had I meant that I would have written, “Hell’s teeth, Miriam – your back”. I’m not insane.

      Nonetheless, hi, how you doin’? How’s all that stuff and everything?

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