Do the Rising Pune Supergiants have the finest name in the history of sport?


The answer is yes.

“Supergiants” beats “Super Kings” on account of it being one word. A ‘super giant’ would simply be a giant who was very, very good, whereas a ‘Supergiant’ is a massive dude with extraordinary strength and x-ray vision who can also fly. The fact that they are rising is merely an added bonus.

Kevin Pietersen is one Supergiant who will be rising in the Maharashtrian city of Pune this IPL season. In a massively unfortunate turn of phrase, his new captain MS Dhoni said of the grey-flecked controversialist: “He, like other seniors, has an added responsibility to groom the youngsters.”

Pietersen has got away with a fair amount over the years, but not sure ‘Dhoni told me I had to’ would serve as much of a defence in a court of law.

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20 Appeals

  1. According to Science Daily, “Supergiants are the most massive stars”, which is presumably the angle they were going for.

    At the weekend, for reasons I won’t go into, I discovered something called the Pro Kabaddi League, which features the Jaipur Pink Panthers. That’s a strong candidate for best team name as well.

    • King Cricket

      February 16, 2016 at 3:15 pm

      On account of Jaipur being the Pink City, we suppose – but what a wonderful byproduct.

    • Some people say that kabaddi is going to be the next big thing, but don’t hold your breath.

      • I said, some people say that kabaddi is going to be the next big thing, BUT DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH. It’s a joke – hold your breath, see. Because like, kabaddi and everything. And not only that, it’s a joke that my mate made up only last week when he noticed that Pro Kabaddi was on the telly, so I thought I’d honour his efforts by stealing it and reaping the plaudits. Fat chance, it seems.

      • King Cricket

        February 17, 2016 at 11:30 am

        [Unseen plaudits and LOLs retracted for the crime of explaining a joke]

      • I thought you meant what with it being rubbish and all (where’s the ball?!)

        You should be ashamed for being such a brazen RAIDER of your mate’s exceptional joke.

        I for one would LOBBY for more kabaddi on the telly but feel that in fully endorsing it in the UK, at least until it gains popularity here, I’ll feel like quite the LONA.

        I researched these jokes on Wikipedia so you don’t have to.

      • Kabaddi used to be on the telly, didn’t it? I though Channel 4 put it on back in the day – early 90s?

      • Ha, ha, ha, that’s really funny now you have explained the joke and i did a bit of research.

  2. I am struggling to think of a name which is better than Rising Pune Supergiants… really struggling… ok. I give up.

  3. Pune is a near homonym of puny, which would make them Rising Puny Supergiants. That’s rather sweet.

  4. Why does their franchise logo feature twin sets of panpipes? Are these giant closed-tube instruments played at every FOW/mid-innings/drinks breaks?

  5. To be fair; in an Indian court of law, “dhoni told me I had to” would probably be a pretty solid defence.

  6. The name and logo make more sense when you factor in who owns them

    • thank god Pune’s new owners didn’t have some other initials – like K.L. Pant for example. otherwise we might had names such as
      Kickass Legendary Pune Dynamos

  7. Vasbert Drakes…

  8. All those giants will presumably produce an awful lot of waste, the clearing up of which could create literally ten of jobs:

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