Did you see MS Dhoni fail to hit the ball when Chennai Super Kings only needed two to win?

MS Dhoni (via Twitter)

The finisher. Captain cool. There he was missing the ball and losing his team the match.

It’s funny how things are presented. Had it been the World Cup and had MS Dhoni been born 8,000km to the south-west, the headlines would all have been about what a massive choker he is.

As it was, it was the IPL and Dhoni’s from India, so he instead got quite a lot of credit for some (but not all) of what had preceded the crucial final delivery against Royal Challengers Bangalore.

We’ve written about Dhoni’s almost-but-not-actually successful run-chase for Chennai Super Kings for Cricket 365. You should read it.

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2 Appeals

  1. Dhoni Distortion Field at work

    Lance Klusener must be very envious

  2. I’m sad the Dhoni is past his best. I hope he retires before I get cross about it.

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