This is a very, very, very fine piece of work

Well done Sam Cheetham and whoever was holding the camera.

Sam’s out there doing some stuff for GTP, an HIV awareness charity. Our Portuguese-speaking readers can find details here.

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12 Appeals

  1. I had to watch that three times to convince myself it wasn’t James Tredwell.

  2. That well known statue in Rio: Cristo Redoosra.

    Is this the first ever video submission for the “cricket stuff in unusual places” series?

    If so, well done that chap. Come to think of it, very well done that chap in any case.

  3. Brilliant back-of-the-hand (much) slower ball there.

  4. Sigh, umpires these days. Anything down the leg side and it’s a wide.

  5. That was the umpire at least once an over for me.

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