What the hell? Stuart Broad’s doing a podcast with Stephen Fry

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Stephen Fry in Blackadder

This had somehow passed us by. Stuart Broad is going to be doing a podcast with Stephen Fry.

In one sense, this is not weird, because Stephen Fry loves cricket; but at the very same time, it is highly weird because it is Stephen Fry and Stuart Broad and despite the former’s interest in the sport, that still feels like a huge collision of two very separate worlds.

It is of no cricket relevance whatsoever, but one of our all-time favourite things is the meaningless sheeplike upper-class ‘baah’ sound that Fry regularly made when playing General Melchett in Blackadder Goes Forth. (This video features several of them. The purest and finest is the one right at the very end.)

We’re not quite sure how Fry managed to condense the entire British officer class mentality into what is basically a single vowel sound, but he did. It is a truly unique feat.

Stuart Broad was also responsible for one of our all-time favourite things.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Such odd news, though not as surprising as this:

    Bad pop ends French autostrada tryst.

    1. In case anyone doesn’t get it, it’s surprising because autostrade are mainly to be found in Italy

      1. It’s also confusing because pops are mostly American, and in France they become pères. But if an American dad is putting a stop to his dirty business on an Italian motorway in France then goodness knows what he becomes.

      1. I keep hearing allusions to Hales activities in the West Indies without any actual info or article about it… What was he up to? Trouble with girls i’m assuming from your comment above…

  2. I’m unhappy about Fry’s use of the word ‘corners’ in relation to cricket.

  3. Here in The Netherlands cricket isnt that popular, I’m a huge sportsfan, know the basic rules of many sports…..Not of cricket though…had a few Britsish friends explain me the rules and ways of scoring over a few pints…..I forgot about the first one when they were explaining the fifth possibility…..So i get it when an intellectual as Stepehen Fry digs it….. You almost need a PhD to get cricket…… I’m just a cloggie who digs football 😄😅

  4. Alex Hales is apparently disappointed that the ECB has decided to drop him from the World Cup squad because of his recreational drugs related ban.

    In the words of General Melchett, baaah!

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