Stuart Broad tears Australia a new one

Early wickets are always key and with his 19th delivery, Stuart Broad struck. Of course he already had four wickets by that point and it didn’t take him too much longer to pick up another three.

Was it a rain delay? Were these actually just highlights? No, because rain delays drag on and so highlights have to be stretched out – this passage of play wasn’t hanging around for anyone. “Garf!” said David Lloyd at one point, which seemed just about the only appropriate way to commentate.

There was much talk about Michael Clarke’s form before the Test. He dropped to five to hide from the new ball and that decision was soon vindicated. Emerging for the ninth delivery of the innings, he was soon into double figures, unlike everyone else in the top order.

When Colin Graves was pushing for four-day Tests earlier in the year, we assumed he wanted to shorten them. On balance, you’d have to say it was England’s session.

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  1. 60 all out. And I’m here watching. Now, will we still be batting at lunch?

  2. …What happened? It’s all been a bit of a blur…

  3. Words find I cannot the.

  4. Match Summary

    Aus First Innings 60 (Extras 14)

  5. what is Australian for “SchadenFreude” ?

  6. So, what do we think about Clarke? Will he go for a Gooch-esque fourth Test resignation, handing over to the young pretender for the dead rubber?

    Or will he hang on to the bitter end?

    • Provided he loses this match, I think he’ll go immediately. Ending his career having never won an Ashes series in England. Almost as good a stat as Ricky ‘lost three Ashes series as captain’ Ponting.

  7. I just woke up.

    Did I miss anything?

  8. Is there a more stressful commentator to listen to than Ed Smith, Writer. He’s so quiet until the ball is bowled.

    “Hazlewood comes in… AND ROOT [at this stage could be out or have struck the ball for four] DRIVES IT DOWN THE GROUND FOR FOUR!”


    • He’s not as bad as Henry Blofeld.

      ‘Now…it’s…Hazlecrack…up to the wicket now…bowls…and…OH MY GOODNESS ME! HA HA! HE’S….BOWLED HIM….No, he’s LBW…Well, dear oh dear….”

    • I love Blowers – he’s hilariously eccentric and out of touch. I enjoy his endless observations about pigeons, trams, buses, miner birds, etc.

      I also quite enjoy Ed Smith’s analysis. You could always listen to Sky if you prefer the ‘Catchphrase’ approach…

    • Boycott and Vaughan however.

    • I like Boycott! He’s self-parody, of course, but if you take that into account he’s still fun.

      Then again, I also like Graeme Swann, which I realise is not a popular opinion. Vaughn, however, can get stuffed.

    • I love boycott.

      My hatred for blofeld almost matches my hatred for Adam lyth.

    • Just had one of those, Sam! How entertaining. 😆

  9. As for your “bread in the toaster, kettle on” piece, I wonder just how few the Aussies might have scored (and/or how few balls their innings might have endured) if Jimmy had been able to play.

    • All out for 30 in ten, England in before lunch and down by the same amount, Aussies spend rest of the day batting. Good thing he was left out, really.

    • I wonder how anyone can be out of both milk and butter, surely up North they have margarine, evaporated milk and a Mars bar if you really want to add sweetness to tea

    • they survive on meagre rations of smarties and gravy

    • King Cricket

      August 7, 2015 at 8:58 am

      Actually, most of us store minimal food in the house as we eat three meals a day in fancy restaurants thanks to all the savings we make on rent and mortgages. That may seem indulgent, but we have to do something with all the time we don’t spend commuting.

  10. I know KCCC is busy celebrating. But not Deep Cower. He is left wondering how wonderful it’d’ve been if it were wonderful Jimmy getting all them wonderful wickets instead of that prick.

    Cheap? Yes.

  11. In other news, surely the best ever “cricketer spotted” in Cricket Badger this week…

    …apart from me spotting Bob Willis twice of course. That record will probably never be beaten.

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