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Stuart Broad (via Channel 5)

It’s not just batsman who can squirrel performances away for a later date. Stuart Broad has told George Dobell that he doesn’t really mind that he hasn’t taken all that many wickets this summer because he’s been creating chances. He then added: “If I’m saving all my wickets for Australia, I don’t mind.”

Wise rationing of outcomes, Stuart. Very wise.

He also had positive and accurate things to say about the current England team.

“It’s one of those teams at the moment that feels like someone different is stepping up each day, which is really exciting.”

He’s not wrong. When it comes to the batting, one days it’s Alastair Cook who makes runs, the next day it’s Joe Root and then every now and again it’s one of the all-rounders before going back to Cook and then Root again.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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    1. Chapeau to David for that Day Three contribution. Love it.

      I hope to be able to Ogblog the match soon – currently on the way home from Edinburgh following a day of festivalling in a fringee-stylee.

    2. I’ve got a pink ball match report in progress which I hope to complete soon, ready for publication in 2019.

      1. No, no, you misunderstand. We mean 2019. 2019 would be early.

        (To be clear, we are exaggerating for comic affect. We really appreciate all of the match reports we receive and we do try and use them whenever we can.)

  1. Are the World XI vs Pakistan matches going to have full international status?

    I didn’t really like the Super Tests being full internationals, nor those Africa XI vs Asia XI matches, but at least those were genuine attempts to field elevens that were about as good as that geographic region would produce if it were run by a regional governing body – not necessarily the very best, but at least not as nepotistic or incompetently chosen as some full member teams manage.

    The World XI in this case though seems to be “players of decent reputation who can be persuaded to come to Pakistan”, which isn’t really the same thing.

  2. Afridi’s been Afridi-ing, I see.

    Or rather read, while I sat in a stupid traffic jam. Why did everyone else want to drive for hours to go watch a sunset in the middle of the day like we did?

    1. If he hangs on in there for another couple of years he’ll be a shoo-in for the Over-40s World XI.

      I noticed the other day that amongst the teams Shahid has played for is the ‘Karachi Region Blues’, which sounds like something Muddy Waters might have knocked out in an afternoon to fulfil a contractual obligation.

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