Stuart Broad has won us over

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We made Stuart Broad one of our ones to watch this season. Despite that endorsement, we’ve not been fully-convinced of his worth yet. A lot of hyperbole’s been spat in his direction and we weren’t really sure where it was coming from.

We think we get it now.

It wasn’t so much the way he bowled. We knew he could bowl. It wasn’t so much the way he batted. We knew he could bat. It was the simple fact that he batted so well, for so long, from that position and that he saw it through to the end.

We just thought: Here is a cricketer you want in your team. Batsman, bowler, whatever. Just get him in the team.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Did you know that Stuart Broad, is from the Broad family that invented the Broad bean? They married the common garden pea with the sugar snap pea in 1871 and wham! the broad bean was invented. I’m not a fan. (of the bean, not Stuart)

  2. Can i make a valid cricketing point, he has to be the test number 8 now hasnt he, or even number 9 with Flintoff at 8 ( as he is not an all rounder any more ) with Monty and Hoggy making up the bowlers.

    Thats the cricket done, i would like to point out that i quite like beans in general. Most types apart from Kidney beans. Just sound wrong.

  3. I would like to point out that the “hug” picture that KC has used is my favourite one of that match.

  4. Interstingly a kidney bean is not part of the bean family. It is the only vegetable without a root to be described as a root vegetable.

    Silly I know.

  5. KingCricket has Stuart Broad won you over to the extent that you are not going to mention R Key’s 182 in the Lancashire match? And here I was thinking that your devotion to Key was steadfast and unwavering.

  6. Due to a writing hot streak, we’ve got a whole raft of posts queued up for over the weekend. Needless to say, Rob is included. Probably on Sunday.

    We know it’s not so much ‘news’ then, but our Rob Key work’s timeless, isn’t it?

    Timeless, pointless or worthless. Something-less anyway.

  7. Stuart Broad is a cricketer I wan’t in my team. My Nottinghamshire team to be precise. I worry that I wont be seeing much of him there though.

    I had some beans for dinner last night. Surprisingly nice, considering they were FRENCH beans.

  8. Who calls kidney beans (or any other beans, for that matter) root vegetables? There really are some freaks and weirdoes in here these days.

    Speaking of which: Ollie — did you have any mustard with those beans?

  9. hi broady!!!!!!!!!!!!!there s a mad fan of ur’s from india…………i lyk u a lot……………..r u single?i m read to mingle………dnt say u r engaged…..i’l b simply pissed off then……………………………..

  10. hey u simply rocks………….congo 4 ur 23-5 record against those chuckle headed south africans…………….so wen r u visiting india??????????????????i m waitng honey…………………………

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