Shahid Afridi puzzles over which glove’s the left and which glove’s the right

[There used to be an image of Shahid Afridi staring at some gloves here]

Just try and cram one on. If you haven’t succeeded within two minutes try the same glove ON THE OTHER HAND.

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3 Appeals

  1. My mum did the old, round the neck thing, through the sleeve, tied together with some elastic.

    If ever there was a mistake mums (or dads…) make that’s it. How confusing for a kid is that when they fall out/get tangled up/you trip on them/hang yourself with them.

    Jesus wept mum I could barely walk without falling over. Still times were hard and you couldn’t go losing a glove willy nilly.

  2. He could have a R on the right one and a L on the Left one.

    Or the urdu equivilent

  3. you could do what a friend of mine used to do. You put your hands out with the backs towards you and stick your thumbs out at right angles. The left hand makes an L. She was 23 at the time.

    True story.

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