Shahid Afridi made a T20 hundred yesterday

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And everyone is, as usual, missing the point.

Shahid Afridi is the least T20 cricketer to have ever graced the format. Here’s why.


      1. I was also reading this earlier, I got quite a long way through the post before I realised what Test it was posted just before….

  1. His first T20 century too, which suggests he isn’t the T20 machine he gets stereotyped as.

    1. Afridi isn’t a T20 machine, T20 is a machine designed to get people to “play like Shahid Afridi”, even though Afridi himself doesn’t always “play like Shahid Afridi”.

  2. Shahid Afridi’s retiring.

    As in, he’s in the process of quitting playing international cricket (for him, it’s a continual, often reversible procedure – a journey rather than a destination, but one where the protagonist continually forgets stuff, e.g. house keys, phone charger, checking the gas is switched off, etc etc); he’s not shy and fond of his own company or anything.

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