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There’s a great interview with Lancashire’s new signing Stephen Moore on the ECB site. If you didn’t know anything about him, you’d come away thinking he was being unfairly kept out of the England side.

It’s littered with comments about how he’s ‘ready’. One of our favourite bits is the following slice of modesty:

“The more people you have got putting pressure on the England side, the better it is for English cricket. I’m thankful that I’m one of those guys.”

Moore also talks about why he’s abandoned relegated Worcestershire in favour of Lancashire. It’s because he wants to test himself against the best and he thinks first division bowling attacks are better. The stats back him up:

  • Stephen Moore’s 2008 batting average in the second division: 55.80
  • Stephen Moore’s 2009 batting average in the first division: 27.33

Looks like first division bowling attacks are more than twice as good.


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  1. Can we initiate a Stephen Moore enwithering? Everyone’s tired of hearing about how ready he is, or how ready his agent is, for international riches.

    Perhaps now he’s moved to the cricketing backwater that is Lancashire, the world will start to forget who he is…

  2. At home in his last CC match against a rather hung-over Durham in two innings he got an average of 19.5. Does that make Durhams bowling attack almost 3 times as good?

    And if the next International attack is X times as good [ where X is bigger than 3], then his expected England batting average aint much…does his agent know this?

  3. It’s great to see KC readers embracing the wonderful world of maths and stats.

    Yesterday KC readers were trying to divide by zero, today they are trying to take over the cricketing stats world.

    That’s what I like about King Cricket. Readers around here show no fear.

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