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Stephen Moore has a duff day

  • Losing a match is bad
  • Being out LBW is bad
  • Being out first ball is bad
  • Being out first ball of the innings is bad
  • Dislocating your shoulder in the outfield is bad

At least Stephen Moore can console himself with the fact that he’s not Giles Clarke.

Stephen Moore and Sajid Mahmood

A man with ambitions to play for Lancashire's second XIDurham aren’t the only team who are currently muddling by with about one and a half batsmen. Lancashire’s current mediocrity is largely due to a batting order that starts at six with Steven Croft and ends at seven with Glen Chapple.

Actually, that’s not fair. Sajid Mahmood has been playing a blinder at number nine. He may have only scored 273 runs to proper batsman Stephen Moore‘s 277, but he has had three fewer innings and his season average of 34 pisses on Moore’s 25. Mahmood’s four fifties piss on Moore’s two as well. And he scores faster.

Stephen Moore’s only been at Lancashire for a few matches, but we already know we’re not going to warm to him. Why? Because he’s employed a PR agency to send out press releases pushing his England claims every time he manages to wipe his arse without injuring himself.

New rule: If you’ve got international ambitions, shut up about them if your batting’s absolute dog-toss.

Here’s some more about Lancashire’s batting that still rings true even though we wrote it a couple of years ago.

Stephen Moore embiggens himself

There’s a great interview with Lancashire’s new signing Stephen Moore on the ECB site. If you didn’t know anything about him, you’d come away thinking he was being unfairly kept out of the England side.

It’s littered with comments about how he’s ‘ready’. One of our favourite bits is the following slice of modesty:

“The more people you have got putting pressure on the England side, the better it is for English cricket. I’m thankful that I’m one of those guys.”

Moore also talks about why he’s abandoned relegated Worcestershire in favour of Lancashire. It’s because he wants to test himself against the best and he thinks first division bowling attacks are better. The stats back him up:

  • Stephen Moore’s 2008 batting average in the second division: 55.80
  • Stephen Moore’s 2009 batting average in the first division: 27.33

Looks like first division bowling attacks are more than twice as good.

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