Two cats being indifferent to King Cricket

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Bradders writes:

“Please see evidence of the indifference shown by my two cats (Jaffa on left, Seamus the Celtic Warrior on right) to cricket, but also more specifically your website.

A textbook double-shun

“I left it on for a bit and for a while nothing happened. However, eventually Jaffa (through some careful standing on the screen) did show some interest in finding out what have to offer before deciding that licking Seamus was a better way to spend time.

As a cat, Jaffa has no money with which to place a bet

“Shortly after this they jumped down and went to eat.”

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Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Are you sure that first picture is indifference? To me it looks more like outraged disgust at the reactionary opinions being put forward in the article. Perhaps your cats think there is a lot of sense in what Matthew Hayden says, and that he was an excellent player of aggressive fast bowling.

  2. Perhaps they were expecting news on Morgan’s IPL and were disappointed they didn’t find any on KC’s site.

  3. Yes, perhaps they are indeed Eoin Morgan fans – they look the type.

    Or possibly these ginger cats like to show indifference to Ian Bell, a former trait of his majesty IIRC.

    We should even entertain the possibility that these ginger felines might be fans of Jonny Bairstow.

    1. They are clearly taking a strategic timeout here. This is being misidentified as indifference.

    1. That’s completely irritating. He’s in a county cricketers to watch post that we haven’t yet published. He’s arguably ineligible for inclusion now.

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