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We selected a fantasy IPL team on Cricinfo and were about to set up a league so that people could compete against us when we suddenly thought: ‘No, wait, this is bollocks.’

Do you want to know who the best players are for a Cricinfo fantasy IPL team? It’s whoever happens to be playing today. That’s the game.

You have a ridiculous number of transfers open to you, so the game is basically just to go into your account daily to transfer players. It’s not about picking guys you think will perform well; it’s about staying on top of things. It’s about checking the fixture list and ensuring you have the maximum number of players appearing each day.

You know you’re having a bad week when you’re this angry about the rules of a fantasy IPL game. You might say we should get some perspective, but that isn’t the problem. This isn’t what we’re annoyed about. This is just overspill.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Please do NOT get some perspective, KC. I don’t come here for perspective. I can get all that at home.

    I gave up even looking at “fantasy team” games a long time ago. See what happens to you when you get some perspective? Don’t go there.

  2. I wish someone would invent some kind of fantasy game based around county cricket that isnt “fantasy cricket” and doesnt really involve much effort. Any ideas String?

    1. Has String sent us an email that we’ve sort of forgotten about?

      He has, hasn’t he?

    2. Yes he has. He is most upset about never even getting an email back. He is in bits. Had to have counselling for it.

    3. We have a suspicion that this email may have been ‘marked as unread’. This is our way of identifying things we need to come back to because they require some degree of effort on our part.

      Unfortunately, this also means that old unread emails tend to be avoided on account of the fact they require some effort on our part. We’ll take another look…

  3. What are you annoyed about?

    (Cue response: “What AREN’T we annoyed about?”)

    You don’t need to bother anymore, KC. We can run this place for you.

    You’re welcome.

    1. An autonomous website. It’s the dream.

      Or are we thinking of Skynet and it’s a nightmare?

  4. Brilliant cricinfo article, KC! While reading the cold weather bit, I was eagerly expecting hard nipples through shirts as an indicator, but alas, I guess you were in a decent mood.

    1. Not an effective indicator, DC.

      County cricket watchers have hard nipple syndrome as a result of the cold – IPL VVIPs also have hard nipple syndrome as a result of all the botox.

      It is wicked hard to distinguish between frozen nipple and poisoned nipple at such a distance and under the shirt.

      I write at length, not to show off my expertise but by way of providing instruction to younger cricket enthusiasts who might be reading this.

      Happy, as ever, to help.

  5. do you have any idea how many games are there in the league stage? 72 games. number of transfers available is basically just above 2 per game. I made my team only on yesterday and today i am struggling to find a proper combination. its not as easy as you made out to be. try it out. it’s loads of fun

    1. It’s not that it’s easy. It’s that people who make two changes per game are going to do better than anyone who picks the right players but can’t be bothered changing them twice a day.

  6. So did anyone else see the news that James Pattinson has withdrawn for the IPL to be treated for an unspecified non cricket related lower abdominal injury?
    I’m sure if it was the PCB rather than CA we would have more details. It certainly makes me want to learn more about the cumulative incidents neccessary for 4 players to be omitted from the squad.

    1. I can’t read “non cricket-related lower abdominal injury” without a snigger. Specific details would have killed the imagination.

  7. So, this game doesn’t reward the traditional virtues of carefully marshalling resources, planning for the longer term, balancing risk and return in selection. It’s all down to juggling some big names and some lucky hits.

    Hope the game of cricket never gets reduced to that.

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