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All Out Cricket’s Test series fantasy league is over. Our mini league, The Kingdom, was won by… er… did anyone actually check before they deleted the league? We’d guess it was either Balladeer’s Bhangra-Morris Fusion side or Patrick’s p = mv, both of which were almost certainly in the top 11 overall as well.

We think we (The Courtiers) came third or fourth in the mini league, which is respectable enough. We anticipate doing far, far worse in the one-day league.

Here’s what you need if you want to join that:

We managed to get 40-odd teams in our mini league last time around with minimal warning. We’d like to see more in this one. If nothing else, it’s quite a good way of retaining interest in one-day cricket. You could also adopt our selection of strategy of picking players you don’t really like so that when they do well, at least you get something out of it.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. You may recall my overdramatic Dhoni-like acknowledgment of Patrick’s superiority, KC. Well done to him.

    As for the ODIs, my inability to give a toss about them is contributing to my inability to take part in this next mini-league.

    1. Balladeer, without wishing to sound patronising or pompous, it is our indifference to many cricketing matters combined with our inability to stop going on about them that is the quintessential quality of the KC follower.

      Indifference was indeed, at one time, an official editorial stance around here:


      It’s a bit like the second amendment to the United States Constitution (the right to keep and bear arms). OK, so it’s totally bonkers, downright dangerous even, but it defines who we are.

      You’ll need to pry our active indifference from our cold, dead hands. in the meantime, please stop whining and just put in a fantasy team or two – eh?

    2. You make a highly persuasive case, Ged – but you realise that if I do decide to construct a team, its very name will probably be me whining, eh?

    3. Apparently it wouldn’t let me change my team name between formats, but I’d appreciate it if you would all think of Bhangra-Morris Fusion as being called “Flat, Late, and Much Too Loud” for the ODIs.

  2. My ODI fantasy is that we go back to just having three Texaco trophy games before the tests as a nice warm up.

    And that the touring sides play FC games against the counties before and during the Tests.

  3. Apropos of nothing, the last time Leicestershire won a First Class game was almost exactly two years ago (Aug 24, 2012).

    I asked them to please try to win one again some time when they were whinging on twitter about being knocked out of the Sunday League (or whatever it’s called now) yesterday. Sadly they never responded to me.

  4. What is this I see before me?

    “Top Trumps that you can actually play, unlike our version – current price, 1p”

    I am happy to make a contribution of 1p towards the re-establishment of your majesty’s version of Top Trumps.

    I don’t think this Amazon-linked rip-off has a beard rating and is therefore an imposter.

  5. Ok, Sloggers are back. Mid-table mediocrity, here we come!

    I’ve picked Kholi again, of course, because look at his face.

  6. So what was the final table? I am sure I came last.

    A policy of picking players who weren’t playing and then not changing the team for three tests should have guaranteed coming first (as long as you hold your monitor / tablet / phone / laptop upside down)

  7. I couldn’t change my name so I made a new account. Also I picked a bunch of guys who probably aren’t going to do any good.

  8. Missed the deadline for the tests. Made a team (Plebs) for this one. Its very likely I’ll forget about this after India lose the first match.

  9. Best line from the Warks-Lancs final –
    Rankin to Prince, OUT, got him, the drag-on slays Prince!

    1. Another painful near miss from Lancs – I guess the bowlers can’t save you (as they did in the Quarter Final and Semi-Final) if you’re batting second.

      Would have loved to see Parry smash that last ball for 6….

    2. T20 really is a crap, unbalanced format, isn’t it? Watched bits of it today, for the first time in a couple of years. Don’t think I’ll bother again.

      But well done Warwickshire.

    3. I came away from it with a rather different view, daneel. I thought the matches yesterday were all good, especially the final.

      It will never become a format that keeps me glued in the way first class/test cricket does, but it has many good qualities. I get to see far more county cricket live now than I could before the T20 era. I am able to take/go to the cricket with all manner of people (friends, their young families, work mates) who wouldn’t enjoy the longer form but enjoy an evening out at the cricket for T20.

      Yesterday also brought home to me the notion that the better performers were people who play cricket in several forms regularly. The “T20” stars might pull off the odd wicket and big hit, but they are unlikely to actually win you a match or a tournament.

      Freddie nearly pulled off a fairytale ending for Lancs, but I suspect that, if Kabir had not got injured, Lancs wouldn’t have needed fairytale and probably would have won the final.

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