The Cricket Kingdom Champions Trophy fantasy league result

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The King Cricket Champions Trophy fantasy league eventually attracted 74 teams – so many, in fact, that after a couple of games we started to think we might look bad if we didn’t get in amongst it and actually try and do well.

We eventually secured a top ten position, which seems respectable enough that we should be allowed to continue writing this website.

However, the winner of all the respect/resentment from their peers was Sesha, whose INDIAN XI positively walked it – unlike the Indian XI, which famously got battered in the final.

Maybe if it had been a fantasy knock-out, things would have panned out differently. But it wasn’t. It was a league and Sesha won.

Just as importantly, here’s the arse-end of the table – a full bottom ten, no less – where Deep Cower secured an almost equally impressive losing margin over (under?) Hippity, who is a green bunny.

Well played these people, particularly Alphamonkey who secured negative points from the final and so secured the highest step within the sunken podium trench.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I had 3 of those Australians who barely managed to finish a match with just the one finalist and I managed the top 60 so that’s a win right there.

    1. Likewise a mediocre showing but I reserved my best performances for games which were abandoned.

      In other (big) news, Samit Patel has come into a bit of form of late. Where does he rank in this website’s list of Favourite Cricketers Ever?

      1. As we can remember enough things to place them in some sort of order.

        High. Not first, but high.

        Genuinely rate him as a batsman, particularly against spin; don’t think he was given enough of a chance with England; think the fitness thing is massively overplayed.

        We read the other day that he’s never missed a professional match through injury. Can’t say that’s a fact because we don’t know where we read it. Might google “Samit Patel injured” to see if it can be easily disproved.

  2. I think some people changed their teams whereas I kept my promise not to.

    I feel that I have been stuffed. Utterly stuffed.

    I so wanted that wooden spoon, it hurts.

  3. Has anyone around here seen Hippity?

    He was sitting on the bed 5 minutes ago, but now I can’t find him.

    1. Oh! is hippity the little green monster you were referring to? Interesting idea to have a separate team without any substitutions.

  4. Top 3 – just like England (and/or Bangladesh). I will now rest all my best players so that they can play Day/Night championship games instead.

  5. I demand a recount or I’m going to go all Lawrence elderbrook. I’m already sensing a bestial roar.

  6. I suppose it’s fitting that, like the Windies themselves, the Universe Boss Memorial Kings XI are nowhere to be found in either (any) table.

  7. Thank you oh king! *bows deferentially*

    I was actually trying to win as well. I even made some transfers when it transpired I’d picked some players who weren’t going to play. Granted I sort of forgot about the whole thing a little bit in the knockout stages, but negative points must mean at least one of my players played in the final so that’s nice.

    1. Rohit Sharma got negative points. No idea, how a player earns negative points…
      ( Dropping a sitter of Fakhar Zaman maybe? )

  8. Congrats to Hippity – one must acknowledge defeat even if it’s in the hands of an alien rabbit.

    Now that the damn thing’s over, can someone tell me what MDP is? I am rather proud of my zero in that column.

      1. Thank you Mike! I am a little disappointed that it was just for one day, but still happy with my overall performance.

  9. Meanwhile at Old Trafford:
    Vince to Davies, OUT
    AL Davies c Carberry b Vince 115 (257m 188b 17×4 1×6) SR: 61.17

    Yesterday, but so what. Why would a set batsman get out to a purveyor of occasional filth? One can only hope that it was a medium-pace bouncer that did the trick?

    “Davies reached his century from 152 balls before he was caught at deep square leg by Michael Carberry off James Vince.”

    Sounds like it! Oh, to have been there…

    1. Davies on his intimely dismissal:

      “It kind of feels I’ve left some runs out there”

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