Mandy being conspicuously indifferent to King Cricket

Ed writes:

Please find attached a picture that seems to tick all the boxes. Found it while going through some old pictures yesterday.

Oh Mandy

The kitten was called Mandy and is sadly no longer with us.

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13 Appeals

  1. I could not photograph it properly, but last night Edwin was suspiciously attentive to the WatchESPN replay of the most recent Pakistan v South Africa ODI, to the point of fighting off sleep. Should I be worried?

  2. Mandy displaying exemplary indifference there. I (well, my family) have just adopted two new kittens and I hope to contribute something along these lines in the future, although I must stress this wasn’t the sole reason for adopting them. They are already showing early promise, being as they are totally indifferent to me.

  3. A different Pete

    November 7, 2013 at 11:18 am

    Don’t know whether I’m disappointed or not; clicked through the email expecting Peter Mandelson.

  4. So far as I can tell Mandy is clearly bookmarking the website for future perusal.

  5. Where you see indifference I see a KC superfan trying to prevent anyone tabbing away from the site. Combine this with the protective don’t-you-dare stance? I certainly wouldn’t try anything.

  6. Unrelated to indifferent kitties, but the latest Popbitch email, issue 664, gave Sports Badger a plug.

  7. More of this sort of thing

  8. In other news, former England all-rounder grows moustache

  9. WTF. Why are we not paying more attention to Mandy no longer being with us?

    You have my deepest condolences Ed.

  10. That old King Cricket interface is also sadly no longer with us.

    A wave of nostalgic sadness has just wafted through my soul.

    A second class emotion, I know, I know…

    • An article on CB radio on R4 this morning, Ged, complete with pig pens and rubber ducks, and a man who said that things aren’t the same any more without all that nostalgia. I miss the days when people understood the word nostalgia.

  11. No post on the main story of the day? We’ve got a home game on tomorrow so I looked through the meal planner provided by the ECB for ideas on what to bring for tea. If I tried serving any of the items on that menu I would earn myself a new nickname and be (rightly) beaten by my teammates.

  12. More cats please.

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