What is The Point?

Bert writes:

I answer the question that’s been plaguing the world of county cricket all summer.

Allowing winter cricket since 2010

It’s a fan heater. It’s got heating elements in it.

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13 Appeals

  1. Good! Now I can get some sleep at night.

  2. It’s got elements of all kinds of things, Bert. I’m not convinced.

  3. It’s Wallace’s mouth.

  4. I think the slightly misleading hover caption back’s up Bert’s theory.

    I’m glad I emigrated if Winter cricket ha’s started

  5. Now that it is established ONCE AND FOR ALL that it is a fan heater, we’re going to see some interesting field settings from Lancashire.

    “Pitch it up for the drive, Jimmy. We’ve nine men on the deep cover boundary.”

  6. What is The Point? I often wonder that myself…..

  7. Hi Kirst. I’ve always thought of The Point as an animated film released in 1970, written by Harry Nillson. It’s barking mad, but me mam loves it:
    The soundtrack is also available, without Ringo Starr.

  8. Hi

    Great post – my name is Hayley and I am working for the Barmy Army!

    You haven’t heard from me for a while, so D Charlton is doing my job for me.


    Remember Hayley and her spamming? I miss Hayley.

  9. phew! I was worried KC were leading us down the road of an existential debate about the meaning of life. Thank god it’s just a random film

    btw if The Point is a fan heater, is it finally an acknowledgement that it i’s bloody cold watching cricket up north??

  10. Had one of those in our bathroom once. You could use it for precisely 26 seconds before it tripped the electric for the whole house. It wasn’t very good really.

  11. “…without Ring Starr…”
    – String, you are being ridiculous. Everybody knows that it is Ringo who makes this animated film so appealing.

    The only two other celebrity narrators I can think of coming anywhere near close to the magic of his dulcit Dingle tones are Richard Briers and Arthur Lowe.

    Kirst – were you paid to sneak that apostrophe into your last line?

  12. I have never seen that suitcase of money before in my life

  13. I guess you need something like this in England.

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