Shahid Afridi can bat again even if Twenty20 doesn’t flatter him

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Shahid Afridi breaks out 'the pan'It pains us that a whole generation of young cricket watchers won’t ‘get’ Shahid Afridi.

Even after watching him hit 51 off 34 balls, they still won’t get it. Twenty20 has legitimised the Shahid Afridi approach to batting and legitimacy has no place in the world of Shahid Afridi. Shahid Afridi hit the fastest ever international hundred in his first innings for Pakistan. Shahid Afridi has tried to better that in every innings ever since, whether in form or out of form; whether in a Twenty20 run chase or trying to save a Test.

The man is a warped genius blessed with some kind of invisible forcefield that protects him from reason and common sense.

His bowling’s brilliant as well, but again that’s to not ‘get’ Shahid Afridi.


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  1. Great photo. He’s just in the middle of a mighty, piratical ‘RARRRR’, and whatever (or whoever) he had just hit at that point had not been hit, but rather smote.

  2. At this point knowing afridi the ball is probably just entered orbit just above his head as it has gone for 6.

    Either way though yesterday was great, seeing afridi kick ass is always entertaining, and doing it against the south africans in a semi final……. Bliss

  3. His dance on the wicket when a gas cylinder exploded must be the seminal Afridi moment in my book.

  4. I wasn’t really happy with that innings. The thing is, Afridi is about being nuts. No matter how much you shorten the game, you will never get nuts out of a batsman who doesn’t have it. Guys may be scoring at Afridi-pace, but they’re doing it out of necessity and not out of aggression and the need to be angry and crazy. That’s why I wasn’t happy with his knock, cause it wasn’t properly crazy.

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