Umar Gul bowls at the stumps

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Ciaran GulThere are a lot of cute, overcomplicated theories about Twenty20 cricket: Mix it up. You’ve got to bowl something different every ball.

South Africa’s hugely impressive left-armer, Wayne Parnell, showed that if you can bowl yorkers on demand, you can make it very hard to score. But Parnell’s got room for improvement.

Over the course of the World Twenty20, Umar Gul has shown that if you can bowl reverse swinging yorkers on demand, even the best batsmen in the world can’t do a thing.

Should he maybe bowl the odd bouncer? Wasim Akram had the answer: “No.”

Why would you bother?

Gul’s just about the only bowler who’s got the ball to swing in this tournament and the cocky, spoilt batsmen of the world haven’t been able to do a thing. It’s reassuring to see that skilful bowlers are making the difference. It’s also obvious that would happen, but no less reassuring for that.

Incidentally, can we have a verdict on whether he looks like Ciaran Hinds or not. We’re wrong aren’t we? We know we are, but we need to be told.


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  1. Et tu King Cricket?
    Yet another one claiming I look like HBO’s vision of Caesar!

  2. You’re right, he doesn’t look like Hinds.

    Umar/Umer Gul’s face lacks the rubbery aspect. Ciarán Hinds always looks like he’s wearing prosthetics.

  3. I think he does look like him. Maybe its just the way he’s dressed.
    I like the animal article at cricinfo by the way. Are you allowed to literally just write whatever you want? What power!
    Actually, thinking about it, that’s sort of what happens at this website.

  4. I think he looks a bit like a youngish Robert Lyndsey with eyebrow wigs. But there again I keep confusing Dilshan with Johnny Depp

  5. I’m supporting Sri Lanka at the final, KC, and have even come up with a chant for them that should appeal to a Lancky like yourself:


  6. That’s actually genius.

    Most non-Lancastrians will have no clue what you’re on about.

    Which makes it even better.

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