Younus Khan thinks Twenty20 is only a fun game

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Younus Khan giving a shit

Does. He. Bollocks.

It’s the last over of the semi final and everything’s at stake. The ball goes out to long-off, Fawad Alam slings it in, hits the stumps and Albie Morkel’s run out. South Africa need 16 off three balls and Pakistan have as good as won. Is Younus Khan happy?

No. Younus Khan is busy bawling out the 17-year-old kid he’s entrusted with bowling this most crucial of overs and who’s been doing a superlative job. He’s enraged and he doesn’t even acknowledge the wicket. As the team converge on Fawad Alam, he just curses at Mohammad Aamer.

Despite the fact that the run out had been successful, Aamer hadn’t been behind the stumps. He didn’t do what he should have done and Younus Khan wasn’t going to let the simple fact that it didn’t actually matter on this occasion stop him from putting Aamer in his place.


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  1. But your majesty, you so recently were telling us what a chirpy chappy Younus is.

    Which Younus do you want us to believe in?

    Simple subjects like us need simple messages.

  2. Maybe Younus was demonstrating an up-and-down nature, thereby encapsulating in just one person the whole Pakistan “you never know what you’re going to get” thing.

    I noted his furious yelling at Aamer for not backing up. I wondered whether there’s a backstory, eg in practice he’d had to tell Aamer a million times to back up, and then when he didn’t do it in the real thing all Younus could see was the bad behaviour.

  3. We all saw that. YK was furious and rightly so. It was an international game and a semi final. The bowler should have been up to the stumps. I find it absolutely fine for YK scolding the kid

  4. Yes. That’s what we’re saying. Younus knows his primary responsibility is to get his team playing well.

  5. i agree with zuhair…well, if u watch the ball before, younis khan was encouraging the boy

    i hope he sorted everything after the match so as not to cause any hard feelings

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