Younus Khan resigns, quits, rests, stands down, walks

Younus Khan has had another captaincy wobble. It seems half the team think he’s a tool and won’t do what he says. This is a bit annoying for Pakistan supporters, because when Younus has been in charge and the players have made half an effort to follow him, the team has been really good.

It seems the stropping in the ranks reached its nadir with what are thought to be some deliberately gash cross-batted shots by the batsmen during Mohammad Aamer’s match. If you’re going to deliberately play badly, then your captain’s bound to have a tough time.

Presumably it’s not lack of confidence in Younus that has caused this though. More likely he took Shoaib Malik’s juice from the team fridge, even though it CLEARLY said ‘Shoaib Malik’ on the side of it in black felt tip.

You live by the sword…

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5 Appeals

  1. So it wasn’t just bad batting that got us to 89 all out – it was a silent protest by the players at Collingwood’s captaincy then!

  2. Lets hope so Ceci, at least we won’t have to watch colly captain again

  3. Is Younus Khan related to Younis Khan by any chance?

    Re Younis, it really is quite unacceptable for Pakistan to have a captain who talks sense sometimes and seems to stabilise the team most of the time. He had to go.

  4. King Cricket

    November 13, 2009 at 8:55 am

    Hold your horses there, Ged. We’ve explained our position on Younus/Younis.

  5. I’m not listening, KC.

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