Reviews of No Boundaries by Ronnie Irani

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At what point does a book become so bad that you actually find yourself wanting to read it?

There are some great reviews of Ronnie Irani’s book, No Boundaries, on Amazon:

“I once bought a Man United shirt with the name of Keith Gillespie on the back days before the club swapped him for Andy Cole. At the time I was skint and devastated by the wasted cash. I thought nothing could top that… In the last 14 years nothing has. Until now.”

That was a one star review. In all there are 19 one star reviews, two five star reviews and nothing in between.

Here’s another one star:

“This is by some margin the worst book I’ve ever read.”

And another:

“I would rather read the back of a crisp packet.”

It’s not all bad, though:

“Although devoid of any real content, interesting anecdotes, humour etc you don’t get his voice grating on you.”

After reading all of the reviews, we find that Irani’s book has gone beneath being so bad we want to read it, so we’re going to give it a miss.


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  1. Found a review of the book on which starts “Maybe it was inevitable that Ronnie Irani would find a career as a cricketer because as a child his parents bought a house in Bolton..” and highlights of the book include:

    Why he felt the English team should have played in Zimbabwe

    The night Chris Evans mistakenly tried to go drink for drink with Ronnie’s radio partner Alan Brazil

    Top of the Christmas list stuff then

  2. I like how in his glory photo on the front cover there are six (and one of those is only a maybe) people in the crowd watching him. NO ONE CARES RON. GIVE IT UP.

    He appears to be cricket’s Steve Claridge.

  3. Did he mention a cat? If he wrote about his cat it would be a good read.

    There is a review on WHSmith website of the book & said “Under the guidance of Keith Fletcher and Graham Gooch, he became one of the country’s all-time great players, went on to captain them to three trophies and became a legend with the fans”

    Even the reviewer trying to rev his book up can’t write!!! One of the Country’s all time greats!!!

  4. read ‘ No Boundaries’ by Ronnie Irani whilst on holiday great read,recommend to any sports fan.

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