No, turns out Younus Khan is retiring after all

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Photo by Sarah Ansell
Photo by Sarah Ansell

Love reporting on Pakistan cricketer retirements.

After floating the idea that he might play on if someone asked him to, Younus Khan has now deployed a magnificent barrage of third-personnery to confirm that he really will retire.

“Younus Khan will retire even if he scores a hundred in every innings of every match against West Indies. Please don’t doubt Younus Khan’s credibility and support Pakistan. Pray for Younus Khan and for Pakistan that we can win a Test series for the very first time in West Indies.”

As for why he reached this conclusion, perhaps there was a hint from the press conference he called to announce this particular retirement earlier in the month.

Asked whether he might change his mind, he said: “This will be a U-turn and then people will call me U-turn.”

No-one wants to be called U-Turn – or even You-Turn, which, with hindsight, would have been quite a good nickname.


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