A quick pause from the gloating

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The site won’t be much fun for Aussies for almost the whole of next week, but we thought we’d break up the gloating with a couple of other pieces.

Remember when we got a bit carried away when Andrew Flintoff retired and wrote not one, but two retirement pieces about him? Well, it’s happened again.

Our first Paul Collingwood retirement post is over at The Wisden Cricketer website and the second will appear here at King Cricket next week. We hope some of you read both these posts, because it would seem that Paul Collingwood embodied something we feel quite strongly about, judging by how bad-tempered we got. Plus, everyone else who has written about him is MASSIVELY WRONG.

Also, if you can find a copy of this month’s issue of The Wisden Cricketer (it’s proving strangely popular for some reason) then we’ve done a review of 2010 that appears in it. We haven’t seen the finished version yet, but we’re pretty sure we remember the piece being fully amazing. If it fails to deliver on that promise, then, er, something was lost in the editing process.

Anyway, Collingwood first.


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  1. You should write a 3rd, just because you can. He definitely deserves a 3rd, although you might then have to write 1 or 2 more for Flintoff.

  2. People say ‘talent’ when they mean ‘stylish’.

    That phrase could have saved us a couple of thousand words late last week.

  3. Paralysis by analysis there, KC. Will Swanton had it spot on about us Poms.

    He averaged over 40. He saved us a few test matches and he won us a few too.

  4. Collingwood, I mean.

    Not Will Swanton.

    Will Swanton has done feck all except talk rubbish from what I can gather.

  5. The problem is that talent is something of a prerequisite for getting into an international team. Collingwood was worth his place for almost all of the time he played for England. So was everybody else.

  6. Anyway, on more serious matters

    “A quick pause from the gloating”

    It had better bloody well be quick. I’m getting withdrawal symptoms.

  7. While I agree on Collingwood – being seen as a fighter is hardly a bad thing in international sport surely – I can’t help feeling that gloating time is a finite thing and should be used wisely. Like now, I could be emailing Will Swanton with a step by step critiquer of his writing, whereas I am wasting my time commenting on a Collingwood article.

  8. A gloater, eh? Come to gloat over the condemned cricket team? I mean we’re up to our ears is gloaters here. “Can I come in for a gloat?” they shout and we shout back “Oh you heartless gloaters”.

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