A short, to-the-point Perth preview

Gangle on, and now's the time, the time is now

England picked the ganglesome trio of Steven Finn, Boyd Rankin and Chris Tremlett for this Ashes tour specifically in order to exploit hard, bouncy Australian pitches. Perth is the hardest, bounciest pitch of all and it seems reasonably likely that none of these bowlers will play.

Assuming they don’t, what is the point of their being in Australia and how culpable are management and selectors for this situation having come about?

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12 Appeals

  1. The other alternative was Onions, who is currently in SA taking no wickets for fun.

    • King Cricket

      December 12, 2013 at 4:07 pm

      To be fair to Gronions, he’s only played two first-class matches – one was a complete washout and he only got to bowl in one innings of the other.

    • Onions not being in the team makes me weep.

  2. An American explains cricket.

    Starts off annoyingly, but eventually becomes pretty hilarious.


  3. i’m in denial about perth. i shall go to bed tonight rather reluctant to check the score in the morning.

    meanwhile… i see the windies’ continuing drive for self-improvement has led them to an impressive achievement! a few weeks back i commented on their good old-fashioned tail providing scores of 0, 0, 0 and 1. hard to better that, one might think..? nope, in the second test against the kiwis they managed to shave off the offending single. proof of what you can achieve if you try 🙂

    • They are on the way to repeating that performance

    • nope, tino best ruined it by whomping three fours and a six. still, they managed to lose to NZ by an innings, which is quite an impressive achievement in itself really

  4. 8am and the hot breeze is already in and even as a local it feels miserable and set for a scorcher today.

    So I’d like to extend a moment’s silence to the Barmy Army who, with no overhead cover or shelter, will be experiencing casualty rates I don’t think any British “Army” has encountered since the Lancashire Fusiliers landed on W Beach. It’s been a pleasure listening to you guys make just enough noise to make Warne blessedly difficult to listen to, so I can listen to leather on willow without having that extremely talented twit rot my brain out.

    You will be remembered.

  5. So… no Ballance once again, and you are persisting with Stokes, a guy with a first class average in the mid 30s who can bowl.
    A while ago I commented about hubris creeping in to the selection of the English team, and how it was similar to the path Australia followed in their funk.
    The management and selectors are entirely responsible and I suggest summary justice. Had we done the same 4 or 5 years ago it would have saved a lot of heartache.

  6. Balls. Again a decent position seems to be slipping away from us. How dispiriting.

  7. The batsmen have been getting a lot of stick for poor performances. Which is just covering up the fact that the bowlers have been almost as poor. We had a stinker last time out in all departments, but hey, Big Timmy Bresnan is back…oh dear.

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