Always play a spinner

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Always play a spinner. Always. Always, always, always.

It offers variety; a change of pace that might unsettle the batsman. Maybe the odd ball will turn more than you think.

Or maybe – just maybe – a batsman who’s untroubled by pace will, for some inexplicable reason, be totally unable to play spin on that given day. He only needs to get one ball wrong, after all.

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  1. Also, spinners get through their overs quickly, which could unsettle a batsman who might suddenly look up and realise that he has less time than he thought to build up a score. It also avoids those pesky fines and haulings before the match referee for slow over rates.

    Also, spinners seem like fun. I’ve never met any spinners (actually I’ve never met any cricketers) but I have an image of them being fun and quirky and maybe a little wierd but only ever in a good way.

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