Cricinfo have slightly changed their scorecards

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We wish they’d warned us. We hate change. We have to prepare for it properly. We needed at least eight weeks’ notice to come to terms with something like this.

Look at it!

So what, we just sit slightly to the left from now on?

The main bit’s slightly off to the left!

We’re used to the main bit being in the middle. Now our eyes are in slightly the wrong place when the page loads and we have to move them. THIS WASTES TIME.

Plus there’s extra information. Why does everyone always assume you want extra information these days? We don’t want to see big facts or tweets from well-known cricketers. We want to see cricketers’ names with numbers next to them. That’s what we like: cricketers’ names and numbers. That’s what cricket’s all about.

This is almost as bad as when they started putting videos that automatically play at the top of just about every single article. Videos are not the future. Videos take ages because you can’t scan them in four seconds, ignoring all the boring bits. Plus, if you open 14 articles in different tabs, you have to play ‘hunt the video’ when you should be scanning/ignoring the first article.


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  1. What you need, KC, is an operation on your eyes. Just to shift them a bit to the left, not to make them huge or anything. This will correct for the offsetting of the Cricinfo scorecard, saving time and effort.

    There’s a bloke I know in Knutsford who’ll do it for £75, but you’ll need to bring your own pliers.

  2. The main bit’s slightly off to the left!

    We’re used to the main bit being in the middle. Now our eyes are in slightly the wrong place when the page loads and we have to move them. THIS WASTES TIME.

    Well said! That was my first reaction, what the hell is it doing all the way over there?

  3. I like the new version. Out with all you old bastards who can’t stand change.

    I suspect KC is pissed because Ajit Agarkar voices expert opinions on cricinfo these days. The other day he said if Afghanistan beat India, it’d be an upset. You can’t get opinions like that here, you can’t.

  4. I like it. I clicked to find a scorecard, but the most prominent information presented to me was the number “FIFTY SIX!!!!!!!”. This tells me my scorecard is inferior to yours, which features “TWO THOUSAND AND EIGHT!!!!!!”

    These are surely the key facts one visits a live scoreboard to obtain.

  5. Someone needs to create a website that takes Cricinfo scores and converts them into something that looks like p341.

    1. We KNEW we were capable of knowing how other people feel. Take THAT court-ordered psychotherapist.

    2. Now now, Mr. Cricket of King, there’s absolutely no reason to raise your voice, is there? I hardly need remind you that unnecessary capitalization of words was one of the first charges you went to jail for. That and punching a bits-and-pieces cricketer.

      We TALKED about this!

  6. Is this a clever piece of satire by cricinfo? As cricket governance has shifted to the right, under the dominant capitalist regime of the Big Three, cricinfo have moved their scorecards to the left. A subliminal protest maybe. (Look, it’s better than Mock the Week.)

  7. England have lost! But this cannot be, as there is no destabilising influence in the dressing room. I thought destabilising influences were the reason we lose things. I don’t understand.

  8. “cricketers’ names and numbers. That’s what cricket’s all about”

    damn straight 🙂

  9. England are a poor ODI side, clearly they’re returning to the methods which worked well for them in the rise to no. 1.

  10. Pickled Onion Monster Munch
    Windows 7
    Matrix 2
    Excel spreadsheets 2007 onwards
    Cricinfo scorecard

    Nuff said.

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