Cricket batting pads

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Gone are the days of heavy, cumbersome batting pads. These days cricket pads are lightweight while offering even better protection.

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Brands of cricket batting pads

A great many companies manufacture cricket batting pads. The most well-known include Gunn and Moore, Puma, Adidas, Gray Nicolls and Kookaburra.

Recommended cricket batting pads

Kookaburra’s Kahuna pads, which can be found through the link above, were rated the best cricket batting pads by The Wisden Cricketer in their 2009 review of equipment.

Kahuna batting pads are available in the same style, but with a range of different stuffings, so you can easily find a pair which suit your budget and standard of cricket. There’s no point having £200 pads if you’re only playing gentle village cricket, but if you’re playing club cricket to a high standard, you want batting pads that can withstand deliveries from the quickest bowlers, even if you’re batting down the order.

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