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Rob Steen has written a great piece for Cricinfo about the generally sorry state of cricket photography. Basically, a lot of the agency people couldn’t give a toss about cricket and reaction shots are an easy way to get something vaguely usable.

Steen mentions the highly regarded Patrick Eagar as someone who gets good shots because he actually gives a shit about what he’s doing. This, to us, seems to be the key.

Friend of the site Sarah Comma Canterbury is another with the necessary enthusiasm. What was a hobby has led to her becoming an official photographer for Kent, which is the way these things should work in our opinion.

Her site does feature reaction shots, because reaction shots aren’t intrinsically bad, but it also features a lot of action shots.

Try and be smaller

One thing you will realise, if you look through her stuff for any length of time, is that she has an uncanny knack for capturing the moment at which a batsman’s stumps go wonky.

A good straight bat rewarded

We like the picture below. You wonder how the ball’s got where it is, but if you follow Darren Stevens’ gaze, you realise.

Ideally, batsmen should prevent this happening

We also like this one because we’re struck by the sinews and the spindly legs.

You can see why people worry when he falls over

Agency photographers may have technical qualifications, but they lack one vital quality. Sarah simply takes pictures of what interests her. Most cricket fans want to see the same things, only we’re all shit at photography.


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  1. Lovely stuff, Sarah. You can never have too many photos of batsmen playing forward defensive to two stumps. I would also imagine that with this sort of talent, your photos would show the pterodactyls that KC keeps missing in his.

  2. Price, I’ve had a scope round Sarah’s site. I’ve found this set of pictures, which seem to illustrate the art of “hitting Joe Denly running”. Is this the sort of thing you’re after?

    Sarah, they are really excellent pics, and I couldn’t agree more with KC – you ostensibly give a shit about cricket and cricketers. Lovely stuff.

  3. Thank you so much KC and everyone else for your lovely comments. I do care (multiplied a thousand fold!) and for people to think that comes across in my photos is the highest compliment I could be paid.

    @ Deep Cower – in my dreams! We just have to convince them… not holding my breath!

    @ Price – I’ve got a fab photo (as yet unposted) of Mark Cosgrove hitting the ground running! I wonder if the world is ready for that?!

    @ sam – please feel free to add a caption to any of the photos via the comments button. Always welcome!

  4. “…Mark Cosgrove hitting the ground running”

    The world is definitely not ready for Mark Cosgrove to hit it at running pace. It would be like Deep Impact, only worse.

  5. Anyone who has ever sat next to Sarah during a match will testify as to her level of enthusiasm both for the game and for photography – she regularly takes 500+ photos during the day and it’s a labour of love for her to go through them all and share the best with us via her blog.

    Really really hope this talent turns into a career for her – couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

    (No, I am not her mother).

  6. I’d love to have something in my life where giving a shit and talent coincided. Just once. I’m duly jealous Sarah, great work.

  7. Nah. I don’t think decent pictures can be taken anymore. People are useless these days. I don’t mean the picture takers, just people in general.

  8. Concur with everything said (though think e normous is just the King’s dark side) re splendour of Sarah’s pics – but must also make mention of her genius for snapping cricketers in compromising positions – a delightful burgeoning romance amongst the Hants players, a startling shot of two of Warwickshire’s finest, and, you will be glad to know Bert, Cosgrove in dubious pose. Action, reaction, capturing the moment – and smut. Hurrah!

  9. Is there anything worse than Deep Impact? Conversely, there is nothing better than Sarah’s photos. At all.

  10. Yay! I adore Sarah’s photos; it really shows that they are
    taken by someone who loves the game. I like the seagull photo. Where is the seagull photo, KC?

    Ps I am also not Sarah’s mother although I should disclose that some of my favourite photos from my wedding day were
    taken by Sarah.

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