Dale Steyn has genuine ambition

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Dale Steyn doesn’t want to be the guy who gets a standing ovation for three wickets in a Twenty20 match. He’s prepared to put in the hard yards. This is what he said before this Test series:

”There’s a lot of guys who can bowl 150km/h when you give them the ball when they’re fresh in the morning, but can they do it late in the afternoon when it’s boiling hot and they’re bowling their 20th over for the day? I want to be able to do that and I want to be the only guy who is able to do that. I want to be in your face all day, not for little periods of time, that is pretty much my inspiration. I want the opposition to walk off and say: ‘Shit, that was tough’.”

He then spent a bit of time whinging about the fact that South Africa are only playing two Tests against Australia and only three against England next summer.

It’s impossible not to warm to the man. This is how he came to be named Lord Megachief of Gold 2010.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Steyn is fast becoming my favourite cricketer. His bowling on the 1st day aginst the Aussies yesterday was top draw. His battle with Clarke was high class test cricket; hitting Clarke on the body and giving him a spray. After all the hostility; with Clarke unbeaten on 102 Steyn was the first one to shake his hane. hard on the field but willing to acknowledge a great inning. fantastic cricketer


  2. English fans can’t thank South Africa enough for making Watson look like a good cricketer – means he keeps getting picked and we keep thumping the Aussies. Class

    1. We meant that as opposed to an ambition that is more easily fulfilled. It’s probably not the right word.

      Maybe we’re assigning qualities to him that he doesn’t have, but where some people aim to achieve X, Y and Z, we get the impression that Steyn constantly aspires to be ‘better’.

      Pretty much every cricketer says that they’re always looking to improve, but we liked that Steyn gave a specific example.

  3. Forgive me wandering off topic, although I will add my increduity at how people get out to Watson, did anyone else catch “Bowl at Boycs” today on Cricinfo? He was on the finest of form

  4. Cricinfo: Australia on course to be dismissed for the lowest Test score ever.

    There is a God, there really is…

  5. Sport is a curious thing. Imagine someone who works in the city or as an insurance salesman speaking like that. He would immediately be deemed a first class twat.

    1. Nonsense, Sam, the finance house director who talked like that might well be awarded a bonus (or lucrative share options) just for fronting up to the press that way.

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