England appear to be playing and beating Pakistan

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We’re struggling with the build-up to the World Cup. We fundamentally believe that a World Cup is a big deal, but at the same time we’re aware of the need to ration our enthusiasm. It might be another month before one of the major teams has to play a match where there’s something riding on it, after all.

So warm-up matches featuring more than 11 players per side? It’s hard to pay too much attention, but yet the World Cup starts this weekend and this is actual cricket involving the main protagonists. Perhaps the best thing to do for now is to write that we don’t really know what to make of this particular game and hope that we find something to latch onto in time for tomorrow’s post. Maybe we can cover Michael Clarke’s race for fitness, same as everybloodybody else.

New Zealand thrashed South Africa as well today. That seems newsworthy, even if the Saffers were Steyn-free. Hopefully we won’t be looking back on this match as being one of the great upsets of this World Cup in a couple of months’ time.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. England’s historic thrashing of the West Indies the other day, proved beyond all doubt (if indeed proof were needed) that England are major contenders for the World Cup this time around.

    The narrow loss to Pakistan is of absolutely no consequence. As KC says, more than eleven against more than eleven? Phooey. In any case, everyone is bored with warm ups now.

    The World Cup real thing – bring it on.

    1. I believe WI could be the ENG of this WC. Losing to associates and beating full members. Its scary that they play IND at Perth. If we lose that then there is a real chance of IND not making QF despite beating all associates.

  2. I would encourage all players to fail in >11 vs. >11 games. Not only is the game itself pointless, if you do well you’l make yourself not due any more and your performance won’t even count towards your career statistics.

  3. This WC has never been won by the best team. Which proves the title WC is entirely fitting.
    It does provide entertainment and a host of gambling opportunities to those with the right connections so all is not lost.
    It may be further improved by making every player bowl or bat the opposite to their normal i.e RHB must play as a leftie etc.
    But then it is pretty much pointless as it is.

    1. I hate to get all “I remember 1975” on you, but I remember 1975 and the West Indies were unquestionably the best side that time around.

      Unless you are talking about the 1975 Subbuteo Cricket World Cup, which took place in my bedroom and the lounge – that was won by England.

      Or do you mean the 1975 Cricket Darts World Cup, which took place entirely in my bedroom – that was also won by England.

      Or perhaps you are thinking of the 1975 Owzthat World Cup, which was held in various rooms in the house and strangely was won by Sri Lanka.

      I’m not boring you, am I?

    2. Ged, was it not ‘Owzat’? Or is this a (slightly) more grammatically correct version of the same game.

  4. I have a good idea for the heading of the next blog. “England play Australia next Saturday and will obviously lose”

    1. Good God, Ged. I can barely remember where I left my bottle of Macallans let alone what happened in 1975. In any event I will deny it under oath.
      So your appeal is upheld on the grounds of single malts.

    2. Indeed, JamestheElder, single malts are not good for the memory brain cells.

      But when you cannot remember things, I suspect that you care less about the matter. Or at least you can blame the single malt.

    1. The only thing I know about Tom Smith is that he’s got a weird facial tick, like he’s doing a silent ‘miaow’.

  5. Scotland are looking ominously reasonable, as an Englishman in Glasgow this concerns me immensely.

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