England are playing India – again

It’s just a one-day series, but as it happens England’s home win and India’s World Cup win have made this quite an appealing prospect. Plus it’s only five matches, not seven matches like it will be next winter.

What’s that, you say? Seven one-day matches next winter? You don’t mean between England and India, surely?

Yes, we do. After playing four Tests against India in November and December (probably in the space of four weeks), the two teams will then play a Twenty20 and seven one-dayers in January 2013.

Why are they doing that? It’s more ‘why are they playing this series?’ – and you know the answer to that. [Bites bottom lip and screws up face as if he’s just swallowed a mouthful of vinegar while rubbing thumb and forefinger together to form ‘the money face’.]

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8 Appeals

  1. Bunsen burner. Nice little earner.

  2. I hate getting news from this website.

  3. As the architect said – More is More. How could it be otherwise? If someone likes something and you give them twice as much, you will DOUBLE THEIR ENJOYMENT. That’s simple mathematics, that is. And it doesn’t stop there. Double it again and it still works. And again. And again. It is an unavoidable FACT that even when you are preventing them from sleeping so as to fit in all the ODI cricket, they will STILL BE ENJOYING THEMSELVES.

    True, they might not look like they are enjoying themselves, and they may be threatening to kill you, but that will just be a ruse. Of course they will be enjoying themselves.

    – Statement issued on behalf of the BCCI by The Ministry of Truth and Enjoyment

  4. I find it staggering both sides are playing a near full-strength squad.

  5. A different Pete

    October 14, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    ‘The money face’? Ew!

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