Bangladesh v West Indies – no-one will get credit for a win

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When a losing team plays another losing team, one of them has to lose. No-one wins.

This is good though. It’s like life. Life is an ongoing damage limitation exercise that is ultimately doomed to failure. You try your best, you slave away, you constantly improve yourself and the best you can hope for is that you won’t be ridiculed for how badly you have failed.

If the West Indies win, it is ‘only Bangladesh’. If Bangladesh win, it is because of the slow implosion of Caribbean cricket. The important thing is that when it’s all over, no-one is particularly happy.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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    1. That makes it sound like this kind of outlook is an exception rather than the rule; something that is spurred by events, rather than a default position.

      You clearly don’t know us all that well.

  1. Perhaps we could merge the Bangladesh and West Indies cricket boards and make a new entity, say the West Bindis, which might emerge as greater than the sum of its parts and win a few matches, just as the West Indies itself did once upon a time. Not many people would notice the geographical discrepancy either – after all, Trinidad is a fair way from Jamaica and Antigua already, so why not add Bangladesh into the mix? I say this as someone who laments the decline of the West Indies as the greatest sporting calamity of our times, and so with a heavy heart. But perhaps it’s the only way.

  2. Well, to be fair, when you are minnows and your match sounds infinitely more interesting than the one between South Africa and Australia on the same day, you must be doing something right.

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