Bringing you the one major highlight from England’s latest gym session

The latest video from the ECB in which a load of people (most of whom you don’t really recognise) mill around a gym is a real thrill-a-minute ride.

Sadly, the video is only 44 seconds long so it’s mostly just a bunch of people idly chatting to each other while a banal corporate rock instrumental soundtrack churns away dispiritingly.

There is one highlight though.

You might think that it’s James Anderson on a Swiss ball…

Guess again!

It’s a grim-faced Alastair Cook popping up unexpectedly in the foreground midway through the Jimmy-on-a-Swiss-ball shot.

You’ll have to watch the video for the full effect.

Cook also delivers a slightly comical guilty look immediately after realising what he’s done.

Don’t look guilty, Alastair. You’re not the one filming a bunch of blokes in the gym and publishing the footage on the internet.

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  1. Strangely, my latest Ogblog posting mostly comprises exercise stills and one short piece of footage:

    Must be the fashion.

  2. Okay, one last time. Cameron Bancroft’s head is large, but Cook’s head is nearby.

    Large; nearby.

  3. A right cook and ball story, that was.

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