Chris Tremlett’s shirt and Jonathan Trott’s listening face

The latest instalment of ‘seemingly random screengrabs from ECB videos’ brings us Chris Tremlett busting out of a black shirt and Jonathan Trott either fed up with his cold, pondering his own mortality or drifting off into a coma or something.

Just look at the strain on those poor buttons. Chris Tremlett is no longer suited to human clothing.

We’ve no idea if this is the kind of thing the ECB are hoping to get out of their social media ‘presence’.

It’s from a nice little thing about the 2010/11 Ashes that also involves Mike Atherton and Matt Prior.

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4 Appeals

  1. Has someone airbrushed out Trott’s mobile phone?

  2. 14.4





    This site picks its favoured sons well.

  3. Incredibly irritating vids, to my eyes and ears, from the ECB camp.

    Not as dangerous and horrifying as Trump tweets, but right up there in exasperating department for me.

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