Do South African born cricketers like Jonathan Trott represent you and your country?

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England currently have a number of South African born players. Jonathan Trott’s the latest and he seems to be under some suspicion at the minute, despite spending seven years qualifying to play for England.

Mike Norrish, writing on the Telegraph’s site, says:

“I guess the whole thing boils down to representation and whether or not we want England’s cricketers to represent ‘us’.”

Does Jonathan Trott represent you? Does he represent your country?

Over the years, we’ve met a number of people who were born in South Africa who are working and making new lives for themselves in the UK. Conversely, we’ve met very few people like Alastair Cook, for example.

Jonathan Trott represents our version of England pretty well.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


    1. Why were these players not registered with the British Embassy at birth as English Born. It would have saved all the controversey………….because their parents wanted them to be South African……….ask Micheal Lumb’s Father who was a Yorks and England player ???????????

  1. Andy Bull taking over the Spin is the silver lining in the cloud of Lawrence Booth’s defection to the Daily Mail.

    Anyway, completely agreed, KC. I don’t think I’ve ever tried hard at any single thing for seven years, and I expect if I did, and someone questioned my motives at the end of it, well … I’d probably say “eh” and do something else, to be honest.

    I think I had a point there originally. Not sure what it was, though.

  2. I think we should entertain the possibility that Michael Vaughan had more or less nothing to say in his book.

    So, well advised by his PR folk, Vaughan concocted a controversy about a topical person, i.e. the player who scored brilliantly in the most recent England test match and is about to return to the land of his borth as part of the oppo.

    Of course, when Dolly was similarly embroiled in controversy, those who doubted his right to play (albeit for different political reasons) were contemptable and loathesome.

    Rant over, must get on.

  3. The problem with making the argument that Trott is not one of you (ie a proper Englishmen), is the inference then that you must instead be an awful lot like Ian Bell.

    I don’t think anyone wants that argument made about them.

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