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Shahid Afridi spots a gap in the field WAY ABOVE THEIR HEADSWe’re not generally in favour of hackneyed caricatures, but we’ll make one exception: Pakistan the unpredictable.

Pakistan’s cricket team are generally portrayed as equal parts genius and slapstick and with a capacity for self-destruction unrivalled even by Slash. (“I was pissed off at myself for having died. It really ate into my day off.”)

Yesterday was what we would consider a fairly typical Pakistan one-day performance. They lost two of their top three for ducks and were later 75-4. Pakistan have always had a freewheeling sort of lower order though. Shahid Afridi promptly lofted three deliveries into the farther reaches of the Milky Way on his way to 70 off 50 balls; Kamran Akmal hit 67 off 43; and Abdul Razzaq hit 26 off 20. Pakistan then bowled out New Zealand for 149.

The beauty of Pakistan is that you don’t know that they’re going to do this. Although it seems fairly typical, there’s also a good chance they could crumple like a paper cagoule.

Pakistan can actually make even formulaic, overplayed one-day cricket exciting. For once you actually have to watch the match to know what’s going to happen.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Yea right you might well be guessing all the way long when they gona turn this thing around. First it was mostly debated on day to day bases as they were tend to do great on a day and worse on another.

    But now I noticed it is just inside a single game, you kept wondering when a worse start leads to a excellent finish or when a solid start leads to disappointing finish. And all this happens just within a blink of eye when you are expecting something else.

    Clearly I love my team, though I would like them to be little consistent.

  2. I am off to Aus for the New year and hope to see Pakistan play Sydney at the SCG. I expect to be rotally entertained!

  3. I completely agree about Pakistan. I wish England could play more like them, while still maintaining a veneer of Lord Tweedy Brockett-Strauss (to quote an exceptionally forgettable old post).

    I also hope there maybe a little something on Burt Cockley, who you mentioned a few times during the IPL, basically because he was crap. He’s now in the Australia squad – admittedly KC, if you started drinking fosters and g’daying, you’d have a decent shout at the minute – and I had hoped you would show some respect to this.

    By the way, I like wearing shoes.

  4. can you please change the ‘words of hayden’ photo or move it to a less conspicious place. I’m tired of having to look at a close up of him every single day.

    kindest regards

  5. Brad, you might well be right. We’ll replace it with something else over the weekend.

    We might forget, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

  6. KC, I wouldn’t want any photo changing to interfere with quality journalism or any other royal duties. You just do what you can, when you can. In the meantime, i’ve smeared vasolene on the right hand side off my monitor to blur said photo. (don’t even ask why i have vasolene near my PC).

  7. I vaguely remember my English teacher, in 1959, saying that you should use the word among if you are stationary and amongst if you are on the move. I’m none the wiser here.

  8. i think in terms of quality journalism, KC is very stationary. therefore among was the correct usage… further increasing the quality of his journalism?

  9. Garbl’s (sic) Writing Center (sic) suggests :- Avoid outdated amidst. Try using less formal in or among instead of amid. Use among with plural, countable nouns — among friends, among royal duties — and save amid for use with uncountable mass nouns — amid a crowd, amid congestion.

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