Do you want to see the best players in international cricket?

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Where’s Pat Farhart when you need him? Australia need those magic hands, even if previous quotes hint that they might tamper with spin bowlers from time to time.

Already without Nathan Bracken, Brett Lee, Peter Siddle and James Hopes, Australia’s bowling attack now has to cope without Moises Henriques because he too is injured. This is on top of the absences of Michael Clarke, Brad Haddin, Callum Ferguson and Tim Paine.

Different people, different injuries, but is there any chance that any were brought about as a direct or indirect consequence of Australia basically being on tour since February? It’s a surprise they don’t schedule in-flight matches to be played down the aisle.

This is why everyone in the frigging world is saying cricketers should play less. We don’t want to watch Moises Henriques’ replacement. How is that international cricket if he’s barely good enough to play for his state?


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. KC,

    great idea about the in-flight matches!
    Quick , sell it to Modi, before someone else does.

    At least Moises has played international cricket. What about Burt Cockley?

  2. You’re not missing out on Moises. The most entertaining thing about him is his name and his wandering “I”.

    Oh – and if he bowls to Kieron Pollard – then that’s pretty exciting.

  3. It’s NSW he’s barely good enough for, not Otago, they are better than most international sides. Especially when the set of international sides includes Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, West Indies and New Zealand.

    The constant touring might be a cunning plan by Cricket Australia to make the upcoming Test series interesting by engineering a clash between the Windies and the combined might of Tasmania and South Australia.

  4. But really who the shite is Cockley? They are pullilng names out of their hats now.

    What has Nannes done? Really, who has he done some dark deed to?

  5. I would like to see the best players in international cricket. Its good that Australians keep getting injured so we can see more of them. Otherwise we would be stuck with just a few great Aussies and a lot of shit players from the rest of the world. Boring.

  6. Ha, ha, Batting.

    Clint McKay is probably walking around pointing at pictures and articles of Tendulkar and saying to ANYONE who is within cooee. “I saved the match for Oz, me”.

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