Jonathan Trott hit a hundred against Bangladesh – what does it say?

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Jonathan Trott pulls the trigger until it goes 'click'

A few people will say that Jonathan Trott‘s 175 not out at Lord’s means nothing, because it’s against Bangladesh. Slightly fewer people will say he’s proving he’s a Test batsman after an ordinary winter.

Why go to extremes? Jonathan Trott’s guts and technique could have been tested more, but his concentration and shot selection were bang on. The thing about a hundred is it’s big enough that it can say more than one thing.

We’re still waiting for one that says: “Yeah? Well. You know, that’s just, like, errr, your opinion, man.”


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  1. If there’s one thing that Trott’s century against Bangladesh says to me, it’s that Trott got a century against Bangladesh.

    Seriously though, it doesn’t matter that the bowling was sub-par, it was still international cricket. KP and Bell failed against it after all. So I’m not going nuts about it, but I’d still buy him a pint.

    Best bit was what Trott said in the post-match interview. When asked if he was eying up the double-hundred, he said “I’ll try and get to 176 and see where it goes from there”.

    Well played.

  2. “Why go to extremes?”

    Why? Am I reading this right? Because that’s where the fun is, as you well know. Two words from your past for you, KC:


    We haven’t had an Angry or Amazed debate in a long while, and this ticks all the boxes. My pal texted me yesterday with Anger (quote – “And I get really annoyed when Trott kisses his England badge!”). See – an England supporter watching his team do well through the actions of one player, and yet he can still find the room in his heart to be Angry about it. None of your pathetic “I’m not sure it says anything one way or the other” bollocks.

    Come on people. Jonathan Trott scored 175 yesterday – are you Angry or Amazed?

  3. Not sure about his weird poke to gully. Bit more pace on the ball and he’ll only be playing that poke to the last ball of his innings.

    Some great, elegant shots, though. But he’s not Amazing. So I suppose that makes me Angry. But I’m not that Angry.

    And now, Bert, I am getting that feeling when someone tells you to calm down when you already are bloody calm. Can everyone just shut up and go and watch Trott bat. I am fine. Not at all bastard Angry.

  4. I think against Bangladesh you need a triple century, or at least 250, before genuine anger or amazement is engendered.

  5. I hate the fact that he manages to care, I would have tried to slog after about five minutes

  6. I just hate Trott. There is no rational explanation for my hatred. I just hate him in the same way that I hate Zhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark Kallis. My hatred doesn’t apply to all slightly balding South Africans as I like ABDV and I think Prior is a useful keeper. But I do hate Trott and Kallis.

  7. That should have read ‘South Africans who are slapping back’ rather than ‘slightly balding South Africans’.

  8. Incredible prescience from D Charlton.

    Does Trott’s double hundred say something else, or does it say the same thing twice as much?

  9. Trotty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just love it that you hate him Mark. I have an irrational hate of Straussy myself. We can agree on Fatty Kallis.

  10. If Mark hadn’t taken 8fer this afternoon he might have killed himself when Trott took a wicket!

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