Tamim Iqbal is in good Test form

Tamim Iqbal has passed 50 in nine of his last 11 Test innings. Considering how he tends to start his innings – hacking away at every ball like he’s a Thracian gladiator de-limbing adversaries – that’s pretty remarkable.

Virender Sehwag is probably a role model, but with Sehwag, you rarely feel like he’s going to get out. It’s clinical destruction. Tamim Iqbal has a lot of shots, but he’s also got a bit of Steve Harmison the batsman in him.

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8 Appeals

  1. Jonathan Trott wishes he could provoke this kind of article.

  2. Jonathan Trzzzzzzzzz………..

  3. Blimey – followed the links and found myself in a Lawrence Elderbrook embrace. Is he dead now or possibly just terminally pickled?

  4. Hmm. I’m guessing no sexual experience either way?

  5. This guy is a special player and he is only 21. But if he is good, what on the other hand can you say about Tim Bresnan as a test match opening bowler or even indeed a test match? We are not amused.

    Toothless England fail to contain Tiger Tamim http://bit.ly/bGj42C

  6. There’s nothing Laurence Elderbrook about Tamim.

    Shahidat, on the other hand, seems to do a pretty good Elderbrook bestial roar whenever he takes a wicket. If he could master a similar roar whenever, for example, Tim Bresnan uproots his middle stump with a deceptively straight ball, then I think Shahidat could certainly wear that crown.

  7. I liked the Guardian headline, “Tamim credits Boycott for ferocious hundred.” It turns out it was Boyc’s criticism rather than shining example that inspired, however.

    The Reverse Sweep, solid lad though Mr Bresnan certainly is, I can’t see him as an entire Test match myself. A semi-final in a competitive eating tournament, maybe.

  8. Another century for Tamim! This guy sure is consistent for the style in which he plays. Only 21, lets hope people don’t get into his head to teach him how he “should” play test cricket.

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