Why a Bangladesh series win is great news

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Rubel Hossain fails to receive a humorous caption

One of the more interesting one-day series has just finished with Bangladesh emerging 4-0 winners over New Zealand.

There are two types of people when it comes to gauging Bangladesh’s progress: the people who look at the scorecards and the people who look at the results.

Those of us in the first group have been monitoring a side that’s been scoring runs more and more consistently and which has had impressive contributions in losing causes from more and more players. Beating New Zealand 4-0 will help the second group see what we already know. Bangladesh are improving all the time.

This is great news because cricket has several nations operating on the breadline at the minute and there simply aren’t enough countries playing the sport that we can afford to lose them.

New Zealand themselves often seem a couple of injuries away from becoming a first-class side, but somehow they always keep it together. They have few stars, but no opponent assumes that they’ll beat them, least of all in one-day cricket. Bangladesh’s victory was no mean feat, particularly without the main man, Tamim Iqbal.


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  1. King,

    Exactly my thoughts – been a proud member of the first group for a while!

    Interestingly the same can be said for Zimbabwe if you have noticed?

    Just need the Windies to get their act together and suddenly its all good!

  2. With the ODI league in place, it would be a nice idea to have a two tier system with may be 16 teams (8 in each). The top 8 + 2 from the second tier competing for the world cup. And with a chance for the teams to be relegated and promoted between them.

    But then again, ICC is blind, deaf and slow.

  3. Yes, but a word must be said for how truly bad this NZ side is too. As is often the way with cricket matches, this series was won by the side with the better bowling attack. The Bangladeshi spinners have been useful for some time, and now their seam attack looks to be growing in confidence. The NZ bowlers are a club attack at best, possibly capable only of subjugating their batsmen teammates in the nets. This is possibly the worst NZ side ever, and that, oh King, is saying something.

  4. I’m with his majesty on this one.

    A great achievement for the Bangles.

    And great to see cricket played in the right spirit rather than the increasingly mercenary approach these days…

    …although this result will surely add further value to my Bangladesh Squad of 2005 signed cricket bat.

  5. “A great achievement for the Bangles”

    yes indeed their career has been on a huge downward slope ever since Manic Monday so it’s great to see them recovering form

  6. come on, this crap about NZ being tenacious underdogs has gone on far too long. it might have been true, what, 15 years ago, but the present team is just a piece of shit.

    happy with bangladesh though.

    don’t care about odis though.

    mainly want to see tamim open in a test, when is that happening next?

  7. In the next five years New Zealand, West Indies and Zimbabwe should get used to loosing to Bangladesh on regular bases, Bangladesh will continue to upset the others on odd occasions.

  8. I don’t agree with people who say that this is a particularly bad Black Cap team. Mills, Elliot, both Mcullums, Taylor, Vettori… these guys are not mugs, and they’ve brought down the top sides over and over again.

    It’s great seeing Bangladesh get this result over them (or any team for that matter), and i think you’d be taking well-deserved credit away from the Bangies by saying that this Kiwi team just plain sucks.

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